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Mythologica Review

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Written by Steve Kershaw

Illustrated by Victoria Topping

There are not enough words to describe just how spectacular Mythological is - it's an utter visual feat that I have read front to back too many times to count.

Featuring 50 gods and goddesses, mortals and monsters, this enchanting encyclopedia is a perfect introduction into Ancient Greek mythology as you uncover the epic, heroic and sometimes terrible mythological tales and historical events, including the Odyssey, the Trojan War and the story of the Argonauts.

Satisfyingly laid out in alphabetical order, Classics scholar and Greek mythology expert Dr Stephen Kershaw, presents each mythological figure through their defining attributes and a brief, digestible summary of their story. Along with multiple sidelights and additional facts, Kershaw dives deep into the wild word of mythology whilst still making content understandable and enjoyable for young readers.

But it was truly the illustrations that captured both the heart and story of this must read encyclopedia. Illustrator Victoria Topping has skilfully fused technological with traditional art techniques to create mythical portraits that are electrifyingly stunning as they are boldly unconventional. I read that Topping incorporated elements of painting, photography and cut-paper collages to capture and express the blending of human and of the otherworldly to her mythical subjects, which is just beyond amazing. Each eye-popping portrait transported me into a rich and surreal world of Greek mythology as I rediscovered some incredible tales.

As a massive fan of myths and legends, Mythologica, has without a doubt become my go to recommendation for those wanting a perfect introduction into Greek mythology.



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