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A Wolf for a Spell by Karah Sutton

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Beautifully bold and enticingly enchanting, A Wolf for a Spell gave me chills, full on perfectly-impossible-to-put-down chills. From the first page I knew I was reading something special - The House with Chicken Legs meets a fantastically 'Freaky Friday' situation, glistening with magic, bravery and adventure.. Uhh yes please! And for a debut Karah Sutton's storytelling and imagination is comparable to the talented likes of Sophie Anderson and Kelly Barnhill.

Rooted and layered in Russian myth and magic gives A Wolf for a Spell this exciting, unshakable feeling of classic meets contemporary. Sutton writes in a luminous language that enthrals and entertains, whilst whimsically weaving together the energy, spirit and heart of Russian folklore to create a deliciously descriptive adventure which middle grade readers will simply devour.

Narrated between three characters - the witch Baba Yaga, a young female wolf named Zima, and an orphan girl named Nadya - each voice shines bright, and each perspective seamlessly connects to deliver an overall story of generosity, trust and friendship, with a thoughtful twist I didn't see coming. Plus, Pauliina Hannuniemi's cover and interior black and white illustrations are just beautiful. If there's ever a time to judge a book by its cover this is that book!

Rich, unique, and thrumming with possibilities, I heartily and highly recommend this stunning story.


Check out my interview with author Karah Sutton here, where we talk about the inspiration behind A Wolf for a Spell, favourite myths, where we'd go if we had a chicken house for the day and dinner party guests!


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