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Across the Risen Sea

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Across the Risen Sea by Bren MacDibble

From award-winning author Bren MacDibble comes another epic and timely tale of courage, community and resilience.

Set in a post climate change affected world of risen seas and floating cities, Across the Risen Sea tells the story of spirited Neoma and her home on a small high ground island surrounded by the risen sea. Technology has been extinguished, and the community live gentle, simple lives, only taking from the environment what they need to survive. But when a mysterious murder endangers their community, Neoma's best friend Jag is snatched from the island as debt.

In a race against time, Neoma embarks on a daring solo mission across the risen sea to rescue Jag and uncover the truth that will save their village. Navigating sinkholes and sharks, pirates and crocodiles, Neoma venture's into the unknown wilderness and takes on a powerful organisation whose selfish greed threatens the very future of the planet itself.

Boldly entertaining (cranky Uncle Croc!) and powerfully thought-provoking, Across the Risen Sea is such a unique and cleverly crafted story. Written in a first person narrative, MacDibble completely immerses you in a world of adventure, mystery, and danger, whilst igniting a flame of hope, change and empowerment within its readers.

A worthy read by a very talented author.

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