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Amari and the Night Brothers

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

By B. B. Alton

This book is going to be BIG. Harry Potter BIG. Already set to be a major movie, Amari and the Night Brothers has already captured the eyes and imaginations of authors, critics and readers worldwide, and months before its publication its solidified itself as one of the most magical children's book of 2021.

And yes, Alton's debut fully lives up to its hype. It's fresh, smart, and fiercely imaginative, and quite simply one of the best middle grade books I've read in a while.

Utterly mesmerising from start to finish, Amari and the Night Brothers has all the makings of a classic adventure - cinematic writing, superior world-building, wonderful characters, page-turner sensation - and has boldly conjured a fresh, action-packed take on the magical fantasy genre. It’s like an electrifying twist of Harry Potter meets Men in Black. And Amari! Amari is the bright, young heroine we all need in 2021 and many will willingly follow her wherever her adventure takes her next.

Unbelievable. Unmissable. Unforgettable.



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