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Arnica the Duck Princess

I'm a massive fan of anything to do with fairytales, folklores, myths and legends so I'm thrilled that this classic Hungarian fairytale by Ervin Lázár has for the first time been translated into English by Anna Bentley!

Arnica the Duck Princess tells the beautiful love story of Arnica, a princess so gentle and kind that when she smiles even wolves and bears forget their fierceness, and Poor Johnny, the most footloose and fancy-free of all people. Destined to be together, Arnica's father the King, gives the couple his blessing but only if their love can withstand the test of time. So off Poor Johnny goes to wander the rich lands and mountains to prove his love.

But who should Poor Johnny meet other than The Witch of a Hundred Faces who bitterly casts a spell of Arnica and Johnny so that one of them, at any one time, must always be a duck, and the other human! To break the curse, Arnica and Johnny must travel the lands in search of the Seven-headed Fairy, whilst meeting a lot of unforgettable characters along the way.

A stunning fairytale about love, friendship and laughter, but Lázár also offers wise words about controlling one's anger, forgiveness and showing kindness. Presented in a stunning hardback edition accompanied with gorgeous coloured illustrations by Jacqueline Molár, this is a magical tale to be enjoyed by readers young and old.

Pushkin Children's has sent me this enchanting exclusive illustration of the cunning Witch of a Hundred Faces to share with you!

You can shop Arnica and the Duck Princess via Amazon here, or any major book retailer. A big thank you again to Pushkin Children's for sharing this much loved Hungarian fairytale with me. To find out more about Pushkin Children's Book you can visit their website here, to see more of Jacqueline Molár's stunning artwork visit her website here.


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