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Be a Super Awesome Artist

By Henry Carroll

Illustrated by Rose Blake

Sharpen your pencils, dust off your sketch pads and get ready to channel your inner artistic spirit with Henry Carroll and Rose Blake's glorious guide to Be a Super Awesome Artist!

From getting grubby with Andy Goldsworthy to exploring dimension with Rachel Beach and imagining the surreal with René Magritte, Carroll brings together 20 spectacular art challenges from the great masters themselves. Along with useful tips and nifty know-hows, Carroll also covers the artist essentials like, perfect pencil pointers and creating complementary colours, to including a fascinating timeline of art history.

Illustrator Rose Blake, who also illustrated the fantastic, A History of Picture for Children, adds a characteristic charm and warmth to each page. I particularly loved Blake's own interpretation of each of the challenges in something as simple as the numbers 1 through to 20.

Whether you work through the challenges in order or pick a page at random children will be painting like Pollock, doodling like Duchamp and creating like Kahlo in no time!

Bluebird's favourite challenge...

Be a pop star like Roy Lichtenstein!

Be bright and bold with colours and context in this comic inspired challenge.



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