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Big Ideas for Curious Minds

A timely and incredible introduction into philosophy for children. Exploring in-depth, yet accessible questions on time, mortality, happiness and the meaning of it all. Each chapter is intelligently focused around ideas and issues that will help and encourage children to develop an understanding to their own questions and struggles by approaching topics that children are most likely to encounter growing up. Some of my personal favourite chapters include 'When Someone is Angry, Maybe It's Not You Who is Responsible', 'Politeness Matters' and 'The News Doesn't Always Tell the Whole Story'.

Accompanied with quirky illustrative doodles and great philosophers biographies this is a book for reflection and thought, that even the most curious of minds will learn something new!

To read in small sections or devour in one sitting, Big Ideas for Curious Minds will spark questions and open conversations between adults and children about the biggest questions we all face.

Presented in a beautiful hardback, this book is essential reading for everyone - you're never told old to be presented with a new way of thinking.

Available via Amazon here.

Philosophy for children is the next mindfulness for children - a topic to celebrate, explore and understand even with the youngest of souls. Here's a small booklist that will cultivate your sense of curiosity and courage, your ability to question, learn, experiment and think for yourself!

Step into the unknown and venture deeper into the word-forest of your soul. Read the wondrous folk tales and learn about the innovative ideas of daring thinkers. Journey with our intrepid thinking heroes, who discover maps that guide us to wisdom and profoundly change the way we see others, the world and how we live upon the earth.

Through stories, questions and thoughts, Adventures in Philosophy will cultivate your sense of curiosity and courage, your ability to question, learn, experiment and think for yourself. You will discover the tools for map-making in philosophy, and follow your very own thought compass, which will direct you on an enlightening philosophical adventure.

Inside this philosophy-stuffed book are fifty fact-tastic ways to advance your thinking skills, so you'll never be scratching your head in bemusement ever again. Featuring the key philosophic principles of every philosopher you've heard of (and some you haven't), Cool Philosophy is stuffed to the gills with amazing facts, tricks and stats to help you discover everything you need to know about what philosophy is - in a way you'll never forget.

Embark on an entertaining journey across millennia and continents, and learn about absolutely everything including the creation of planet Earth, the age of dinosaurs, the rise of humans, the miserable medieval times, globalisation, wars, revolutions, technology - and much more. Find out the answers to many big questions about our planet, animals and the people inhabiting Earth. Engaging design, illustrations and photographs throughout bring to life the most remarkable true stories of all time.

From the team who brought you Young Gifted and Black: Meet 52 Black Heroes from Past and Present comes a brightly illustrated follow-up guide that will teach you to harness your own power to achieve greatness.

Slay your fear!’ ‘You’ve got this!’ ‘Take heart and trust your gut!’ In this friendly guide, ‘big sister’ Jamia Wilson helps you achieve your dreams and know your rights with caring advice and actions you can take and make your very own. Explore what it means to know and trust your insights and capabilities with stories, images, activities, resources and action prompts that you can interact with on your own time and, most importantly, on your terms.

And for older readers...

Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder

The international bestseller about life, the universe and everything.

When 14-year-old Sophie encounters a mysterious mentor who introduces her to philosophy, mysteries deepen in her own life. Why does she keep getting postcards addressed to another girl? Who is the other girl? And who, for that matter, is Sophie herself? To solve the riddle, she uses her new knowledge of philosophy, but the truth is far stranger than she could have imagined.

An addictive blend of mystery, philosophy and fantasy, Sophie's World is an international phenomenon which has been translated into 60 languages and sold more than 40 million copies.


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