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Brilliant Ideas From Wonderful Women by Aitziber Lop

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Illustrated by Luciano Lozano

What an incredibly inspiring book that pays tribute to fourteen trailblazing women, who each made a unique contribution to the history of science and technology!

Before this brilliant book I had no idea that some of the twentieth century's revolutionary and key inventions were pioneered by women. Think car heaters, lifeboats, wifi, disposable diapers and more, were all originated and inspired by some very creative and intelligent women.

With quirky, full page illustrations by Luciano Lozano, each page pays perfect homage to the brilliant ideas and inventions and the determined and passionate women behind them. From Martha Coston who disguised herself as a man to contact pyrotechnicians and convince them to manufacture her idea for maritime flares, to how a New York tram ride on a wet winter’s day led Mary Anderson to invent the windshield wiper, and how entrepreneur and toy designer Elizabeth Magie Phillips' game, The Landlord's Game, went on to inspire the famous board game Monopoly!

An informative, inspiring and important book perfectly fitting in this 'Rebel Girls' ear. I just hope more comes from this author/illustrator duo focusing on other women and inventions from around the world, as this book solely focuses on women from America.




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