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Cinders and Sparks!

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Who needs a fairy godmother to make your wishes come true when you can just do it yourself.. Cinders and Sparks is Cinderella with a fantastic twist! Because Cinders will go to the ball, but nothing will go to plan...

Refreshingly funny and full of magic, adventure and cake (!), Cinders and Sparks will be enjoyed by both boys and girls alike.

But the fun doesn't stop there because Cinders and Sparks return in their second hilarious adventure, where our chaotic comedy duo head for Fairyland to find Cinders’s mother – and get more than they bargained for… Cinders and Sparks: Fairies in the Forest is out in October 2019 and available to pre-order here.

Illustrated by Pippa Curnick

Lindsey Kelk is back with another fabulous and funtastic adventure featuring the much loved comic duo, Cinders and Sparks. Starting right where the first book ended, Fairies in the Forest, sees Cinder and Sparks, along with the hapless Hansel, on a quest, or more likely on the run, to Fairyland to find Cinder's mother. But in the Deep Dark Forest, they find themselves getting much more than they bargained for. Enter three bears, Rapunzel, a wicked fairy who will stop at nothing to deter those seeking Fairyland, a huntsman on their trail and a whole multitude of more ridiculous adventures!

Once again, Kelk's writing is effortlessly hilarious, with the perfect amount of silly twists and turns that'll keep her little readers entertained and engaged. Along with Pippa Curnick's charming illustrations throughout, Fairies in the Forest, will have readers wishing for the third instalment.

Cinders and Sparks: Goblins and Gold is out February 2020!


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