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How to Be a Hero by Cat Weldon

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

An unlikely hero and an ungainly valkyrie face a vengeful dragon and a trickster god in a quarrelsome quest for a precious poetry-riddled cup, all wrapped up in the comically chaotic world of Norse mythology… kids are going to LOVE this book! It’s got all the adventure of How to Train Your Dragon, the humour of Who Let the Gods Out, and the storytelling spirit of Storm Hound. And this is just the first hilarious exploit of Whetstone and Brings-A-Lot-Of-Scrapes-And-Grazes aka Lotta in an already confirmed trilogy by debut author Cat Weldon!

Vicariously vivid and gloriously giddy with two extremely lovable heroes at its heart, How to Be a Hero is a rollicking, madcap, action-packed adventure that middle graders will whizz through. And not to mention that it’s brilliantly illustrated by Katie Kear throughout! Yep, kids are going to LOVE this book.



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