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Isadora Moon

Isadora Moon - making for fabulously fun bedtime stories since 2016!

I was lucky to get the chance to interview with wonderful Harriet Muncaster about all things Isadora Moon, writing spaces and dinner guests! Read the full interview here.

Isadora Moon Puts on a Show by Harriet Muncaster

This is Isadora Moon at her best - sparkly hardback edition with stunning silver sprayed edges - I'd already fallen in love with the book before reading it!

This is the 10th book in the self-illustrated and much loved series, and Harriet Muncaster's continues to create fabulously fun tales about one seriously unique heroine.

In Isadora Moon Puts on a Show, Isadora finds herself competing in a talent show at a special blood moon vampire ball. But as part-vampire and part-fairy, Isadora begins to worry that her ballet routine isn't very vampire-y compared to the other vampire children's. But the show must go one... and a blossoming friendship just might make it a showstopper!

Beautiful and charming, with a suitable underlying message of believing in yourself and accepting your differences, Isadora Moon makes for a perfect choice for newly independent readers who want their magic and sparkle with a bit of bite!

Isadora Moon Goes on Holiday by Harriet Muncaster

The fabulous Isadora Moon is back for another enchanting adventure, this time the half fairy, half vampire is off on holiday with her family!

When Isadora wins an amazing holiday for her whole family she's ready for sun, sea, and sand! But when reunited with her friend, Marina the Mermaid, Isadora is quick to learn of the horrors inflicted on our oceans when a baby turtle is discovered tangled in fishing wire. Together, mermaids, fairies and vampires join forces to rid the ocean of its plastic and help the baby turtle find a way home.

A magical tale touching on the importance of protecting our planet and wildlife, and being mindful when it comes to rubbish and littering.


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