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It's Your World Now! by Barry Falls

Barry Falls is the new Oliver Jeffers! Every child, adult, girl and boy needs to read this utterly heartwarming picture book about the adventures of life and celebrating the potential of each and every child. It’s Your World Now beautifully conveys three simple, honest messages to children from their parents – the world is full of marvellous things, things won’t always go your way and above all else, I love you so.

Lyrically written with illustrations that are both refreshingly contemporary and vibrantly fun, each page is packed and overlapping with images of animals, landmarks, space, nature and pure wonder. And not to mention that each child and adult featured are diverse and multicultural. All corners of the world are celebrated within its 32 pages, sparking endless joy and possibilities of where your little ones might go and do in life.

A magical book to read aloud, highlighting the importance of love, appreciation and personal growth.

Shop It's Your World Now! via Amazon here, and be sure to check out Barry's incredible artwork via his website here!

© Barry Falls

© Barry Falls


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