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Jackpot by Nic Stone

Written with a unqiue and fierce flare, Nic Stone has literally hit the jackpot with this hard-hitting and honest book about class, money and first love. Achingly raw and powerfully moreish, Stone's voice reminded me of the likes of Angie Thomas and Elizabeth Acevedo.

Seventeen-year-old Rico splits her time outside school between looking after her younger brother and working in the local gas station to help her mum pay the bills. So when she sells a jackpot-winning lotto ticket and the money goes unclaimed, Rico thinks maybe her luck has changed. If she can find the ticket holder and reunite them with the cash, hopefully she will get a cut of the winnings... That is if she can avoid falling for the annoyingly handsome (and filthy rich) boy she roped into helping her with the hunt.



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