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King Dave: Royalty for Beginners

When Dave the dragon finds himself throne-sitting for the King of Castleton, the best adventurer and semi-qualified hero Dave quickly realises he doesn’t know the first thing about ruling a kingdom…but that won’t stop him from trying his best and giving it his all.

With the help of his BFF and trusty sidekick, Albrecht, and an incredibly useful book, Royalty for Beginners, Dave is in for another mad-cap adventure that involves a lot of fancy clothes, pool parties, oh, and a power-mad potato-wielding queen who wants to steal the kingdom!

I for one haven’t had the pleasure of reading Elys Dolan’s first two ‘Beginners’ books yet, which involve Dave learning to be a knight and disguising himself as a wizard, but if they’re anything like King Dave then I’m in for an utter laugh because this wild and wonderful tale had me giggling from start to finish.

In amongst the brilliant black and white illustrations and all the marvellous medieval mayhem, author-illustrator Dolan has captured the importance of friendship and being yourself, even if you get a little distracted along the way.

Despite being from a fantastic series, King Dave works equally great as a standalone story, one that’s perfect for newly confident readers who are looking for their first chapter book to read alone, or for sharing out loud. A must read for fans of Roald Dahl and Mr Gum!

I can only wonder what the next beginner guide Dave will get his hands on is…


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