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Love Your Body

Updated: May 4, 2020

A charming, cheerful and crucial celebration of beautiful bodies and all the incredible and impressive things they can do and achieve, Love Your Body is the ultimate feel-good book of 2020!

Wholesome, empowering and so damn timely, author Jessica Sanders and illustrator Carol Rossetti have created the perfect body positivity guide for young girls (8+) showcasing bodies all in their different and diverse shapes, sizes and colours. Introducing the language of self-love and self-care, Sanders' encourages her readers to appreciate and accept the uniqueness and beauty of their individual bodies, whilst gently stressing that it's perfectly okay to not love your body all the time and that seeking support and showing kindness to yourself during these moments is so important.

Sanders' writing is thoughtful, affirmative and brimming with positivity. Her words feel like a trusting friend and her messages flutter with hope, love and warmth. And Rossetti's illustrations are a breath of fresh air. All encompassing and profoundly diverse, Rossetti beautifully captures the realistic and the relatable.

There's definitely room for growth or perhaps another book (!) as it would've been valuable to have seen topics surrounding healthy eating and exercise touched on within the text; however there is a wealth of resources, advice and even lesson plans highlighted at the back for further support.

If you loved Love Your Body, check out my 'Love Your Body: A Booklist for Kids' for more recommendations on MG, YA and non-fiction titles that focus on body image and body positivity.


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