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Max Takes a Stand

Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets ClientEarth's Guardians of the Planet in this hilarious yet timely tale about climate change and the importance of protecting and preserving our natural environment.

Loveable Max is on an epic quest to make the world a better place. From hiding his parents' car keys and starting a car-free campaign to testing out energy saving solutions and preparing disastrous vegetarian dinners, Max is prepared to take every action necessary to prevent climate chaos and killer cow farts, no matter what other people think!

Full of quirky cartoon style illustrations from the brilliant Nick Shepherd, along with helpful tips and advice about how *you* can make a difference, Max Takes a Stand is an entertaining and lively tale that addresses the important without feeling too heavy. Readers will find comfort and connection in Max's passion, honesty and even his failures, but most importantly they'll find encouragement in implementing their own positive changes.

An essential book for children wanting to learn more about climate change in a fun and friendly way.

I was delighted to host the brilliant Tim Allman on my blog for his top 5 books to change the world with, which you can read here.


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