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Monster Doughnuts: Review and Recipe

By Gianna Pollero

Illustrated by Sarah Horne

Debut author Gianna Pollero knows the perfect recipe for a fun time - two feisty little master bakers turned monster hunters, a doughnut-loving, people-eating, board-game-playing cyclops, a whole load of delicious bakery treats and some exploding baking powder..!

Monster Doughnuts is quite literally that - monsters with a weakness for sweet treats, be it a mountainous chocolate cake, gloriously glazed doughnuts, a killer mille-feuille or some heavenly peanut butter and marmite cookies. And for ten-year-old Grace they just so happen to make the perfect secret weapon because fighting monsters just got a whole lot sweeter (and stickier)!

A wonderfully wild, delightfully madcap-monster-mischief adventure, served with a sharp wit, lively humour and plenty of sprinkles, Monster Doughnuts is the perfect book to enjoy in one big, delicious bite! Fans of Jack Meggitt Phillips' The Beast and the Bethany will adore this.

Buy Monster Doughnuts:


Buy Monster Doughnuts:


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