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An Encyclopedia of Mythical Beasts and Their Magical Tales

By Good Wives and Warriors

From the cover alone this stunning encyclopedia of mythical beasts and magical tales oozes magic and mystery, myth and imagination. When you turn the first page you're instantly transported into a enchanting world where fiery jellyfish float in the air and spiders are master storytellers.

From the deep lakes of Tenochtitlan to the Australian wilderness, the snowy slopes of the Himalayan Mountains to the lush Amazon Rainforest, these legends and lores roam the globe and travel to some of the furthest, most beautiful corners of the world.

Many readers will meet with familiar faces, like Pegasus, the beautiful winged horse of the ancient Greek gods, and Cerberus, the fierce three-headed guard dog of the underworld. There's the Kraken and the Rainbow Fish, the Yeti and Anubis. But between these notable names, there's a wealth of weird and wonderful tales and curious creatures to be discovered and explored. Like Abaia, a powerful lake-dwelling Melanesian monster eel, protector of fish and friend. And the Korean Kumiho, a gruesome and deadly nine-tailed fox, who's favourite food is a man's liver.

Before reading Mythopedia I had only really read Greek mythology, Norse legends and British folklores, but now my imagination is well and truly piqued, eager to read more outside of my comfort zone! I particularly loved the tales from Asian mythology. Each legend opened new, uncharted windows into cultures both rich and riveting. Like Fenghuang, a mysterious and mighty Chinese Phoenix of peace and happiness. Barong, a protective guardian spirit from Indonesia. And my personal favourite, the Kawauso - enchanted river otter tricksters, who can shapeshift into beautiful women to make fools of unsuspecting bachelors!

Each spread is adorned with an abundance of striking colours and vivid illustrations, skilfully incorporating the tales origin, country and culture into every inch of the page. Mythopedia is, quite simply put, a visual, intoxicating masterpiece. I could get lost in this book for hours.

For curious readers, young and old, this encyclopedia will whisk you away and return you full of wonder and wisdom.




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