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Night Shift

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I was given this book by my sister a few months back now and have read it every day since. It is honestly one of the most important, moving and encouraging portraits of depression I have ever read. With very few words, Debi Gliori leaves the haunting charcoal illustrations and powerful messages to skillfully convey her personal experiences with depression. Gliroi’s choice to portray her depression as a cloud of black smoke that is born into a dragon was elegantly constructed. This unique and creative interpretation highlights how powerful, engulfing and scary depression can be, but at the end stresses through the symbol of a feather that there is hope and light on the other side.

This pocket sized picture book is beautifully formatted in a rich cloth bound cover and is perfect for anyone, young and old, willing to discuss, understand and share their experience. This is a very brave and significant picture book and I want to personally thank Debi Gliori for sharing her experiences with us.




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