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'No one is too small to make a difference'

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Greta and the Giants

As rich in colour as it is in hope, together Zoe Tucker and Zoe Persico have brought Greta Thunberg's incredibly inspirational and brave story into the hands of young readers, by offering a magical twist to Greta's mission to bring awareness to the current climate crisis our earth faces.

Set in the heart of a forest where young Greta lives amongst the animals and the wilderness, we see a home become threatened and destroyed by giants who chop down trees to create houses, and towns and cities. When there's hardly any forest left, Greta knows she must help and stand up for her home and she'll stop at nothing until the giants stop and listen. An important topic made even more effective with Persico's beautiful illustrations, Greta and the Giants will no doubt spark interest and inspiration in young readers to make a difference and help tackle climate change.

This hopeful picture book concludes with a brief story of Greta's school strike which led to her recent nomination of the Nobel Peace Prize, along with useful resource links and small yet efficient ways to help fight the 'giants'. And not to mention that the book has been printed sustainably in the UK on 100% recycled paper, with a 3% sales donation of the cover going to Greenpeace UK.

We Are All Greta: Be inspired to save the world

Another timely, yet timeless book about the fearlessly, inspirational Swedish teenage activist and Nobel Peace Prize candidate Greta Thunberg.

Through in-depth text, bold illustrations, data charts and infographics, Valentina Giannella skilfully sets out the basic ideas required to understand and tackle climate change in an accesible yet scientific way.

With short yet concise chapters dedicated to the understanding of fossil fuels, greenhouse gases and renewable energy, along with key word explanations, further information website links and small yet massively effective ways you can make a difference, We Are All Greta is not just your average climate change resource for children. It's a beautifully bold book for young children, for parents, for grandparents and anyone having to answer direct and urgent questions about what must be done to protect our world.

A critical book for every school, library and bedroom bookcase.

Looking for more books inspired by Greta Thunberg? Look no further!


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