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Non-Fiction Round-up!

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

An engaging and colourful celebration of our wonderful world and everyone in it, no matter their gender, class or race!

With A for Ability, F for Feminism and L for LGBTQIA, author Chana Ginelle Ewing and illustrator Paulina Morgon, have introduced some empowering concepts perfect for some discussion starters with your little ones.

From celebrating your differences, to sharing your kindness and understanding your world and those around you, ABC of Equality is a fun way to learn the alphabet, along with some very important words!

Looking for some more fun and unique ways to learn the alphabet? Look no further!

The Animal Awards by Martin Jenkins

Illustrated by Tor Freeman

Welcome to the Animal Awards where you'll have the privilege of meeting some very esteemed guests, from the mound-building termite to the nifty chimpanzee to the deepest sea diver whale, Martin Jenkins has put together a celebration of some of the world's most spectacular species!

From some incredible talents to some unusual skills, 50 superstar animals take to the spotlight to celebrate their finest achievements and unique qualities, with awards going to the most fussy eater, the most terrific teeth and even the most deadly.

Fresh, fun and full of facts, The Animal Awards will have kids cheering and laughing their way through the animal kingdom. With each spread dedicated to intriguing facts about the worthy winner and some cool, cartoon style illustrations of the animals honouring their golden medals, this engaging children's book makes for a perfect addition to any child's bookshelf.

But who will win the Smallest but Strongest award? Who holds the Air Speed Record award? And who will claim the title of Most Smelly? The Animal Awards is about to begin...

My First Atlas of the 50 States

Journey with your little ones through America's 50 states in this colourful and entertaining atlas which highlights some of America's most iconic animals, famous landmarks and amazing natural wonders!

With brief 'Fast Facts' sections and 'Sight-Seeing' highlights, accompanied with simple icon illustrations by Sara Lynn Cramb, My First Atlas of the 50 States makes for a straightforward and easy atlas which unfortunately for me, lacked a distinct uniqueness. I can't help but feel that My First Atlas of the 50 States might get a little lost in the crowd.

I wanted to know more about why certain icons were attached to certain states and was left feeling slightly disappointed with the seemingly cliché information that was included. Nevertheless, I'm sure children will enjoying spotting and discussing what they see on each page, even if it means parents having to do a little research of themselves.

The United States in 100 Words

How do you sum up a whole country in just 100 words? Well, Nancy Dickmann has taken on the challenge in the striking and entertaining The United States in 100 Words! Compact and to the point, yet rich in detail and illustrations, I got utterly absorbed in this book that achieves what it says on the cover - start conversations, spark inspiration.

In between the iconic states, the famous landmarks and America's natural wonders, it was refreshing to see Dickmann include a number of words that sums up what American means to people today. From weird and wonderful American traits, to some of histories most memorable moments to even highlighting issues that are so relevant and important today, Dickmann has selected 100 diverse and distinctive words that celebrate America, its roots, its values, its culture and customs.

My only biggest pet peeve though, that niggled at me throughout is that the words weren't sorted alphabetically. For many, I'm sure, this wouldn't be a problem, but I couldn't help signing as I turned the pages of 'Ancient', 'American', 'Atlantic', to suddenly come to 'Pacific' and then to 'Colony'. A minor issue though which was made up for the rich and diverse content and information included for each word.

Ending with a thoughtful author's note by Dickmann and a brilliant timeline of American history, The United States in 100 Words is a must have for every bedroom bookshelf and school library! I really hope this '100 Words' initiative gets turned into a series! I'd love to see the words picked for the UK, a few have already come to mind.

Volcanoes and Earthquakes (Geo Detectives) by Anita Ganeri and Chris Oxlade

Two little detectives discovering some seriously incredible natural wonders? What's not to love!

In this adventure, the Geo Detectives, in their cute little yellow raincoats and wellies, are out investigating the mysteries of volcanoes and earthquakes.

What happens when a volcano erupts? Can we predict earthquakes? Where do most earthquakes occur in the world?

Packed with fun facts, exciting geography topics and creative activities and projects (like making your own model tsunami wave!), Volcanoes and Earthquakes is as equally fun as it is informative. And this is just one book of many, I hope. With volcanoes and earthquakes and also water cycles covered, I'm excited to see what the Geo Detectives will explore next.

With super cute illustrations by Pau Morgan, this is definitely a book to keep on your radar!


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