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Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Illustrated by Claire Powell

I’m a massive fan of Suzy Senior’s vibrant, giggling-inducing, lighthearted picture book Octopants!

Octopants tells the story of young octopus and his quest to find a pair of perfect pants that will fit all eight of his legs! But finding a pair of octopants proves much harder than he thought until he discovers the wonder of the Under-Sea Emporium, a shop that sells all kinds of clothes from bobble hats for barnacles to slipper socks for seals! The octopus realises that he’s been looking for the wrong item of clothing all along so he buys something else instead...

Suzy's fun rhyming text makes this a page-turning delight. The little octopus is a really endearing character, and you really feel for him over how disheartened he is for not finding a pair of pants. But Suzy's important message that, no matter if you have eight legs, a tale or a fin you’ll always find something that’s perfect for you, shines bright and beautiful.

And not to mention Claire Powell’s vibrant and lively underwater illustrations! Claire's vision of the Under-Sea Emporium and all the sea creatures in all their quirky underwater underwear is just fantastically fun.

NB: I received this wonderful picture book of behalf of Toppsta for an honest review! Toppsta is a brilliant children's book review site where the books are read and reviewed from a child opinion. You can sign up for a chance to win giveaways, browse books, review books and keep up to date with their blog posts. Sign up on Toppsta here today, you won't be disappointed!



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