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One More Try by Naomi and James Jones

When I first read Naomi and James Jones' debut picture book, The Perfect Fit, I knew this superstar duo would become a firm favourite amongst children, parents, booksellers, reviewers and educators alike. In fact, the charming cast of shapes have travelled world and been translated into over 10 languages!

Now, back with a new shape-tastic adventure, One More Try tells the story of a determined circle, who's dream of making a tower isn't as easy as it first appears. But through perseverance and imagination, can circle and shapes work together to create a tower that includes everyone?

There's so much fun to be had within the pages of this book! This joyous story, layered with positive affirmations of individuality, inclusion and imagination, with a seamless blend of EYFS maths and shape recognition, makes for an instant hit.

It's a testament of Naomi's writing to see how the shapes have grown since The Perfect Fit. Having learnt to be more inclusive and accepting of each shape and size, the shape squad face a new problem-solving challenge and with it come to understand the importance of resilience, dedication and cooperation.

I love this world of shapes Naomi and James have created and I'm excited to see lots more of these shape stories in the future.


Read my full review of The Perfect Fit here.

"Delightfully playful, endlessly entertaining, and oh so satisfying"


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