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Our Planet

Our World: The One Place We All Call Home by Matt Whyman

Illustrated by Richard Jones

With foreword by Sir David Attenborough

Through tropical jungles and endless oceans, from icy landscapes to arid deserts, Matt Whyman takes us on an unforgettable journey to the furthest corners of the world as we learn about our world's extraordinary wildlife. Whyman has presented us with a glorious visual feast in Our Planet. Featuring a combination of remarkable photographs and charming illustrations from acclaimed artist, Richard Jones, each page breaths colour, energy and heart. As equally informative as it is captivating, this wonderful celebration of life is overflowing with fascinating facts, precise text and true stories, along with tips and advice on protecting and preserving our climate. As the official children’s book to the Netflix original documentary series, Our Planet is conveniently divided into each ecosystem to complement each episode, perfect for children to follow along with, or pleasurably dip in and out of. A beautiful love song to our planet. This book will be treasured by many.

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