Perfectly Norman

Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival is perfectly perfect - a picture book that every child and adult must read!

Norman had always been perfectly normal, until the day he grew a pair of wings! But Norman never imagined a life with wings and afraid of what his parents and school friends might think, Norman hides his wings under a big, stuffy yellow coat. But life proves even more difficult under the constraints of a coat - bath times prove difficult, playing in the park is no longer fun and Norman doesn’t want to go to friends parties anymore. With gentle encouragement by his parents, Norman finds the courage and acceptance he needs to shed off his coat and soar in the sky!

The illustrations are truly wonderful. Norman is the only character displayed in colour compared to his black and white surroundings and this contemplates the story’s theme perfectly. The final spread especially is magnificent!

Children need books like this to show them that it is okay to be yourself and to embrace being different and unique. I can’t wait to see what Tom’s newest book, Ruby’s Worry, will bring!

Perfectly Norman is published by Bloomsbury and you can shop the picture book via Waterstones here.

Ruby's Worry is out now! Shop the picture book via Waterstones here.

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