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Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Meet Petra, a mighty, irresistible, eternal little rock who has an exciting adventure ahead of her. When uprooted one day by a dog, Petra suddenly finds herself in constantly changing circumstances. In the plants she is a mountain. In the pond she is an island. In a nest she is an egg. And tomorrow? Who knows what she will be. But she’s a rock, and this is how she rolls! With delightful pastel coloured illustrations (very much Jon Klassen style), and brilliant facial expressions by Petra, this story puts a lighthearted spin on the concept of change and growing. By the end of the story the little rock’s ability to find joy and excitement in her constantly changing situation is inspiring and encourages children to find the positives in new experiences and transitions. Petra is a humorous, feel-good picture book that celebrates imagination, the power of perspective and believing in yourself.

Petra • Marianna Coppo • Tundra Books

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