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Picture Book Round-Up!

Baby Bird by Andrew Gribbs Illustrated by Zosienka

An utterly heartwarming picture book, about a baby bird who's twisted and shrunken wing leave Baby grounded and unable to fly. Until Baby makes a new friend, and learns that sometimes you have to find unexpected ways to achieve your dreams.

Andrew Gibbs has written a unforgettably powerful tale addressing themes of disability, acceptance, friendship and determination. The beautifully, delicate watercolour illustrations by Zosienka are exceptionally remarkable and complement the story perfectly. A must read!

Andrew Gribbs, illustrated by Zosienka

Tad by Benji Davies

Sometimes the biggest stories come from the smallest beginnings…

I'm in love with all of Benji Davies' picture books, but Tad has immediately jumped to the top of my all time favourites!

An uplifting picture book about one tiny tadpole's biggest adventure. Beautifully and boldly illustrated throughout, Davies has mastered another tale about growing up, embracing change and taking chances!

Big Cat by Emma Lazell

There’s something about tigers in picture books that always make them a winner! Because just like Judith Kerr’s classic, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, and Lizzy Stewart’s enchanting There’s a Tiger in my Garden, Emma Lazell’s new picture book Big Cat is a must read! This heart-warmingly, hilarious picture book tells the story of Isobel and her Grandma, some lost specs and a very big cat..! The fun and chaos makes for a brilliant twist which young readers will love, but Lazell also shares a charming underlying message of family, acceptance and finding new friends. And not to mention Lazell’s bright and bold illustrations make this a book any child will pull from a shelf and want keep forever. A classic in the making.

The Light in the Night by Marie Voigt

Marie Voigt has written THE perfect bedtime story with The Light in the Night. This enchanting picture book tells the story of little Betty - who loves her night-time stories, Cosmo - a bear that is afraid of the dark, and one wonderful adventure that will light up every child's story time.

With magical illustrations that radiate beauty, serenity and warmth, and wise words about the power of friendship and the meaning of strength, The Light in the Night is perfect for snuggling under the duvet with, and not to mention ideal for any children struggling with fear of the dark. Plus, Cosmo is so cute I just want to hug him!

The Cave by Rob Hodgson

A delightfully, witty picture book about a cave home to a little creature and a hungry wolf who tries everything to coax the creature out. But what will happen when he finally succeeds...? A simple yet hilarious tale with a brilliant twist at the end - guaranteed to be a favourite among both little ones and adults!

Rob Hodgson's illustrations are bright, bold and original, and the text is punchy enough to keep little readers engaged. Looking forward to Hodgson's new picture book, The Woods, out in October 2019.


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