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Picture Book Round-up!

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

I'm a massive fan of author/illustrator Lizzy Stewart, particularly her stunning picture book and winner of the Illustrated Books Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2017, There's a Tiger in the Garden, and The Way to Treasure Island is another winner!

The Way to Treasure Island tells the charming tale of Matilda and her dad and their unforgettable adventure that reveals an unexpected kind of treasure. In a funny role reversal, it's Matilda who's tidy, organised and sensible while dad is messy, noisy and a little distractible. But together they make the best of friends and complement one another perfectly - Dad would be lost without Matilda to lead and Matilda would be bored without dad noticing exciting things.

This makes for a wonderful message about accepting others differences whilst appreciating the nature and wildlife around us!

With bright and beautiful watercolour illustrations and something to discover on every page, this picture book is sure to delight both the young and old.

The Way to Treasure Island is out June and available to pre-order from Amazon here.

Illustrated by Lizzy Stewart

A beautiful yet heart-wrenching wartime tale about one young girls mission to learn how to read, Timothee de Fombelle and illustrator Isabelle Arsenault have together crafted an unforgettably powerful book that will be appreciated far and wide. Arsenault's illustrations are beautifully delicate, yet powerfully simple, and Sam Gordon's translation is effectively moving. But being very text heavy and double the length of an average picture book, I don't think young children would have the patience to sit through this story despite the protagonist Rosalie being five-years-old. Yet older, middle grade readers will appreciate this unique view into the tragic consequences of war and it makes for a great conversational approach for parents and their children. This wartime theme is one being explored more and more within children's literature, particularly picture books, and I definitely would recommend seeking out The Journey by Francesca Sanna and When the War Came by Nicola Davies for younger readers, and Michael Morpurgo for older children.

Captain Rosalie is available from Amazon here.

Make way for Ella May because she wants to do things her own way!

Quirky, lovable and refreshingly single-minded, Mick Jackson couldn't have introduced us to the unforgettable Ella May at a better time, and I already can't wait to read more! Because who wouldn't love a fabulously fun picture book about one little girl going against the norm to try something new?!

Girls and boys alike will no doubt laugh out loud at Ella May's backwards walking and might even be encouraged to try something new from themselves..

Beautifully illustrated with a charming underlining message of trying new things and being yourself.

Ella May Does it Her Way is available via Amazon here.

There's nothing I love more than fairytale retellings! Some of my favourite children's books to date are based on fairytales and the market is becoming noticeably larger. There's Roald Dahl's unforgettable classic Revolting Rhymes and Hilary Robinson/Nick Sharratt's brilliant Mixed Up Fairy Tales. And not to mention the recent Once Upon a Wild by Chris Riddell, Power to the Princess and Fairytales for Feisty Girls!

The delightful Big Book of Twisted Fairy Tales makes for a beautiful addition to the above even if it might get a little lost next to its competitors.

Sue Nicholson has written some wonderful tales highlighting kindness, responsibility, honest and teamwork, and I'm loving the diversity captured within its pages, but what really made this picture book stand out to me was the next step discussion points and activities at the end of each tale. This will make for a wonderful conversation starter between parent and child, whilst offering encouragement and support to apply the lessons learnt into your own life.

Whilst the 'twisted' element was a little lost on me, as the tales weren't drastically retold as twisted would suppose, instead they felt very realistic and relatable. Chores and school are just a few of the modern day scenarios Nicholson has featured in her Fairytale Friends series and I have no doubt this will go down well with young readers as they're able to relate, connect and learn from.

With charming illustrations by Flavia Sorrentino,The Big Book of Twisted Fairy Tales will stay with the reader long after the last page is turned.

Available from Amazon here, but always be sure to check out your local, independent bookshop first!



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