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Queer Heroes

An absolutely stunning celebration of 53 incredibly inspirational LGBTQ+ role models who have shown extraordinary changes and contributions to today's and yesterday's culture. Throughout history and from around the world, Sicardi writes short yet sincere biographic tales of courage, triumph and determination, from the legendary Frida Kahlo, to Freddie Mercury's outstanding contribution to music, and James Baldwin’s best-selling written works.

That being said, is it bad that I wanted more? We had the L and the G, a bit of the B and the T, but where's the Q and the +? Queer Heroes could've gone above and beyond in celebrating this rich and diverse community but fell somewhat short in capturing that all inclusive representation.

Nevertheless, this is an exceptional book in introducing young readers to a wealth of unforgettable icons and the beautifully, bold illustrations by Sarah Tanat-Jones bring it to a whole new level.

Maybe there'll be a Queer Heroes 2...?


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