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School for Nobodies

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

School for Nobodies by Susie Bower

I adored everything about Susie Bower’s enchanting debut! Bursting with magic and mystery, The School of Nobodies has all the makings of a classic - a fearless heroine in search of her past, a peculiar school and its class of ‘nobodies’, a mysterious and magical circus that harbours some buried family secrets, and an evil, fire-breathing villain seeking a sinister revenge.

Beautifully written and richly atmospheric, Bower’s story of family, friendship and courage gracefully twirls and twists between the pages, captivating your imagination and attention completely.

But under the spectacular circus Big Top and all its breathtaking descriptions, Bower exerts a heartfelt and sensitive account of adoption, and celebrates the value of individuality and belonging, even if it’s in the unlikeliest of places.

Five glorious and worthy stars from me!

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