Sky Chasers

Emma Carroll is the queen of historical fiction for kids! Combine this with a prizewinning story idea about the first air balloon flight from Neal Jackson, and you have a wonderful tale of adventure, spies and unsung heroes. Set in Pre-Revolutionary France during the reign of King Louis and Marie Antoinette, Sky Chasers, follows Magpie, a young orphan destined to stand out when she unexpectedly becomes involved in the country’s race to become the first to fly a hot air balloon! Sky Chasers is beautifully written and perfectly captures 18th century France. Emma has created a truly magnificent character in the form of Magpie - she’s smart, strong and spirited, and born to stand out. Her determination and will to follow her heart and chase her dreams makes her a character that all young readers will look up too. You’ll be soaring in the air alongside Magpie with every turn of the page.

Sky Chasers by Emma Carroll

Chicken House Books

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