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Speak Up!

The inspirational Laura Coryton needs no introduction, but in case you haven't for some reason come across Laura's name let give you a quick update!

Laura led the international campaign against tampon tax which gained over a quarter of a million signatures and has led to changes both in UK and European law. She was featured in the BBC's 100 Women series of 2016. And she also won one of the Guardian's New Radical Thinker awards and was named 2015's top unknown world change maker by the Independent. Not to mention she's recently completed an MST in Women's Studies at the University of Oxford! And now she's the author of this empowering, honest and timely guide to activism for women and girls brought up in the age of the internet and social media. Is there anything Laura Coryton cannot do!

Not all superheroes wear capes, some start petitions.

- The Self-Esteem Team

Praised as a 'toolkit for change', Speak Up! is an inspirational book about the power of your voice and the changes this can bring, whether this be on a social, public or personal level. Laura doesn't mess around with the advice she offers in her motivating manual - she's been there, she's encountered the challenges, the failures, the setbacks that come with wanting to make a significant change, but that just makes her voice that more fierce and positive as she guides the reader of their journey to find their authentic voice and use it effectively.

Broken down into a 5 step practical plan - Goals, Decision Makers, Research, Platform, Launch - Laura uses her own campaign as well as other successful campaigns (such as the viral #metoo campaign) to offer a raw and realistic guide to planning and executing one's own movement/campaign, or getting involved with politics. But Laura doesn't stop there. She also tackles tricky subjects like feminism, consent, body-positivity, social media, education, online bullying and internet trolls, self-confidence and self-love in a meaningful but accessible and entertaining way. Although ingrained with Laura's personal stories and experiences, Laura's voice never comes across as dictatorial or forced, but rather, warm and conversational.

Speak Up! is filled with positive messages and encouraging statements about friendship, female empowerment and standing up for who you are inspiring not just future campaigners but this whole new generation of rebel girls.

Stripping away political jargon and government buzz words, this book proves that anyone is capable of changing the world – even you.

- The Self-Esteem Team

Accompanied with quirky illustrations and bold typography this is definitely a perfect gift for girls aged 12+, or anybody who wants to use their voice to change the world. Launched just in time for International Women's Day this is without a doubt the must-have girl power book of 2019!

A big thank you to Egmont and NetGalley for sharing this #SpeakUpToolkit with me! Order via Amazon here.



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