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Spring/Summer 2021 Picture Book Reviews

Updated: May 16, 2021

A Way With Wild Things by Larissa Theule

Illustrated by Sara Palacios

A beautifully uplifting tale about shyness and acceptance, rooted in nature and positively blooming with warmth, wonder and wildflowers.

Little Poppy Ann Fields - nature explorer, friend to all bugs, master of camouflage and approved wildflower - will completely capture your heart with her signature glasses and groovy clothes. Irresistibly adorable in both character and connection, Poppy definitely feels like the next new Lola! (From Lauren Child's popular Charlie and Lola)

Larissa Theule's storytelling is soft and lyrical and Sara Palacios's illustrations are utterly gorgeous. So cheery and charming, perfectly capturing the beauty of nature and the spirit of belonging.

Loved the bug glossary at the end. Just loved every page to be honest.

Tilda Tries Again by Tom Percival

Another tremendous triumph from Tom Percival with Tilda Tries Again - dare I say it might even be my Big Bright Feelings picture book yet!

When Tilda's world turns topsy-turvy, the things she once found joy and comfort in, like reading and playing with friends, now feel gray and challenging. But when Tilda encounters a little ladybird in a topsy-turvy situation of its own, Tilda realises the power that comes with trying again.

Resilience, self-belief, patience and perseverance are all packed into this gorgeously uplifting tale that will have little and big readers rooting for Tilda's happiness all the way through. I've said it once and I'll say it again; Tom Percival's picture books belong on every child's bookshelf. I really hope that this empowering and important series continues to grow.


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