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Storm Hound

Storm of Odin is a fearsome mythical stormhound of the Wild Hunt who races across stormy and lightening-filled skies alongside the great warrior Odin. With fur as black as the deepest midnight, and a body as tall as a crimson-tailed horse, Storm has longed for the time to be able to join Odin’s prestigious hunting party. But on the night of his first official Wild Hunt, Storm’s nerves are the least of his worries after he falls behind his pack and tumbles through the thunderous clouds of the Otherworld onto the A40 just outside Abergavenny. And to make matters worse, his once mighty, horse-sized physique has transformed into an adorable, tiny puppy.

Much to his disgust, Storm is rescued and taken to the local animal rescue centre where fate brings 12-year-old Jessie who just so happens to be looking for a new pet. Struggling herself to adjust to a new life in Wales after her parent’s separation, Jessie and Storm quickly become inseparable as they begin to navigate a new and unfamiliar territory together.

But with an unmistakable air of magic lingering and mysterious strangers plotting against the legendary stormhound, Jessie and Storm are thrown head first into an unforgettable mythical battle. What follows is a fast-paced and hilarious tale that leaves Storm with a life-changing decision to make, and Jessie to confront her own past.

Whilst full of wild adventures, shape-shifting magic and troublesome characters, Storm Hound is foremost a heartwarming and powerful tale of belonging, friendship and trust. With subtle exploration into parental separation and moving house, Fayers’ shows through both Jessie and Storm that ‘home’ is much more than geographical location but rather a sense of belonging.

Fayers’ has created a clever blend of myth, magic and wry humour that’s perfect for fans of Maz Evans’ equally hilarious series, Who Let the Gods Out. I can only hope that Fayers’ takes us on more mythical adventures with Storm and Jessie in the future.


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