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Summer Picture Book Reviews

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Kites by Simon Mole

Illustrated by Oamul Lu

Breathtakingly beautiful and lyrically composed, Kites by Simon Mole and illustrated by Oamul Lu, quite literally warmed my heart!

Set against the dazzling backdrop of dozens of magnificent kites flying in the gentle breeze, Mole's tale of friendship, persistence and new beginnings gracefully dances across the page in a poetic and passionate tone. Definitely a picture book to read aloud and treasure.

The Grumpy Fairies by Bethan Stevens

A wonderfully whimsical picture book about some hilariously grumpy fairies who are quick to learn about the importance of kindness and helpfulness before they become a tasty goblin treat!

With charming illustrations, Bethan Stevens' debut is as enchanting as it is entertaining, and one that's sure to leave you with the biggest, cheesiest smile.

The Incredible Hotel by Kate Davies

Illustrated by Isabelle Follath

The Grand Budapest Hotel meets The Great British Bake Off in this wonderfully whimsical picture book about a dazzling hotel and one little kitchen porter's determination to pursue his dreams.

Kate Davies has written a timeless tale with The Incredible Hotel, bringing to life a brilliantly diverse group of characters and sparking discussions around values and kindness. Whilst Isabelle Follath's gloriously detailed illustrations capture a charming story of their own. With hidden details and a sneaky cat and mouse on each page, young readers will be mesmerised from start to finish! Plus, the strikingly mouth-watering profiterole tower is an absolute show stopper!


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