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Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Jaw-dropping true stories Survival against the odds The power of the human spirit These are just a few of the tag lines that sum up David Long’s incredible anthology, Survivors. Across 23 extraordinary tales from the wild and beyond, Long recounts stories of incredible bravery, courage and resilience that take place in different times, in different corners of the globe, starring different type of people. These real-life stories of adventure, survival and danger include, Poon Lim, the man who sucked blood from a shark; Juliane Koepcke, the girl who fell from the sky; and Aron Ralston, the canyoneer who cut off his own arm, inspiring the nail-biting film 127 Hours. With straightforward and gripping language and dramatic colour illustrations by the talented Kerry Hyndman, the only thing missing for me was a lack of maps or a table of contents to accompany the hard hitting truths behind these stories. Overall though, a deserved winner of the Blue Peter Book Award 2017, Survivors is a terrifying but inspiring read that will leave readers of all ages gasping in both shock and amazement.

Find the book via these Amazon here, and Waterstones here.

Survivors • David Long • Kerry Hyndman • Faber Children's Books • Faber&Faber

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