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The Secret Lives of Princesses

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Everyone knows of the worlds most famous princesses, but, there are many, who until now, have remained anonymous, mysterious and forgotten. Equally magical yet far from the fairy-tale crowd, these princesses are finally stepping out of the shadows where they’ve been hidden for far too long.. Whilst there are no tales of poisonous apples, forgotten glass slippers or beauty sleeps that last for a hundred years, Philippe Lechermeier creates tales that are far more unique and captivating. There’s Princess Paige who, everyday, climbs the thousand steps to her library where she reads everything she can find, dreams up titles for her days, and who’s simple quest is to find the perfect pair of glasses. There’s Princess Oblivia, who’s memories are always playing hide-and-seek that she forgets everything, even herself, and not to mention The Unknown Princess, who no one knows exactly who she is, but everyone knows she does exist. Beautifully illustrated by the ever so talented Rèbecca Dautremer, The Secret Lives of Princesses will warm your heart and awaken the inner princess within you. But be warned, whilst their mischief may marvel you and their beauty behold you, there are wild women, lazy ladies and slippery sneaks that hide between the pages. But remember, all princesses are elegant and unique in their own princess way.

Find the book via Amazon here, and Waterstones here.

The Secret Lives of Princesses • Philippe Lechermeier • Rebcca Dautremer • Hodder Children's Books • Sterling Children's Books

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