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The Secret of Black Rock

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

The Secret of Black Rock follows the adventurous and fearless Erin Pike, a fisher-woman’s daughter, and her dog Archie, as they set out to discover the legend of the Black Rock - a gigantic, dark and fearsome mass that is capable of moving throughout the seas and destroying any boats that come near it. Fascinated by these tales, Erin sneaks on board her mother’s fishing boat to find out the truth. Only to discover that the Black Rock is actually a gentle, friendly creature who is home to an abundance of beautiful sealife. But can Erin protect Black Rock and stop the town from destroying the magnificent creature? A daring adventure story that explores themes of acceptance and bravery, but also weaves together a gentle environmental message that our own living habitat needs to be treated with care and protection. By the end of the story you’re not only left cheering for the positive ecological slant in which nature wins over machines, but also for the female centred protagonists. To come across a female version of Tintin is great, and to see Erin’s single mother succeeding in a typically male dominated profession is amazing! And not to mention the illustrations - the bright, bold graphics are infused with a mystical charm that beautifully captures the sharp contrast between land and sea. A big congratulations to Joe for winning the Waterstones Illustrated Book Children’s Book Prize 2018 - a winner on many levels ✨

You can buy The Secret of Black Rock via Waterstones here! Or via Flying Eye Books!

The Secret of Black Rock • Joe Todd-Stanton • Flying Eye Books


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