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The Secret of Haven Point

A salty and spellbinding adventure set on the shores of a magical sanctuary for any disabled person who needs somewhere to belong ... The Secret of Haven Point sings like the sea!

Echoing the likes of Abi Elphinstone, Cerrie Burnell and Thomas Taylor, Lisette Auton's debut dazzles with originality and glitters with imagination. And at the heart of Haven Point is a story of acceptance, belonging and self-discovery, sending an inspiring message of positivity and inclusivity to those who feel they are 'different' and don't fit in.

There are forty-two Wrecklings (plus a kind-hearted Cap'n with his beard full of kittens, and a clan of fierce, sharp-toothed mermaids) who call Haven Point home. That's forty-two new heroes young readers have to connect and resonate with, which makes The Secret of Haven Point an absolute triumph in my eyes.



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