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The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Illustrated by Neil Packer

Transport yourself to the furthest corners of the world, travel through time and take in the spellbinding history of the Silk Roads in this magnificently gold and blue bound illustrated edition from bestselling author and historian Peter Frankopan.

Adapted for a younger readership of 11+ from Frankopan’s award-winning literary triumph The Silk Roads, this majestic illustrated edition leads armchair adventurers from ancient world laws laid down by King Hammurabi and the mighty Persian empire to the terrifying huns to the rise of Europe. Sewing together time and history through people, empires and continents The Silk Roads into a phenomenal history of the globe, this is a must have for any history buff.

With enthralling maps and exquisite illustrations by Neil Pecker this is way more engaging and informative than your average textbook. Bringing together politics and science, religion and trade, Frankopan takes you on a remarkable voyage about how the east married the west. So set your sails east and journey along the Silk Roads.



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