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The Worries: Sohal Finds a Friend

Written and Illustrated by Jion Sheibani

Inside Out meets Adam Kay in this humorous and heartfelt story about meeting, managing and accepting your worries. Introducing Hurt, Anger, Big, Fail and Alone... Sohal’s (furry) worries have come alive and they’re leaving a whole lot of mischief and fun in their path!

With an abundance of picture books geared towards mental health and mindfulness, it’s utterly refreshing to read a book on this topic aimed at confident young readers (5+), and Jion Sheibani’s The Worries is the ideal book to get children talking about their feelings. Written with a confident, uplifting charm that sings with reassurance, and with eye-catching two colour illustrations to match, The Worries not only springboards the healthy discussion of worries and anxieties, but it also celebrates diversity and the power of friendship along the way.

Confident readers will go on to enjoy the likes of Charlie Turns into a Chicken and Planet Omar.

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