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There's a new superhero in town!

We know and love Isadora Moon, Amelia Fang and the Bad Mermaids, but there's a new superhero in town, and Kitty and her cat crew have never been more ready for some enchanting adventures by the light of the moon.

Girl by day and cat by night, together Paula Harrison and illustrator Jenny Løvlie have created an utterly charming chapter-book series perfect for newly independent readers. With fun and fluorescent black and orange spreads illuminating a magical nighttime ambience and cute cats for days, Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue is a story of friendship, bravery and facing your fears.

In Kitty and the Tiger Treasure, Kitty takes to the rooftops for a new adventure to discover who has stolen the precious Golden Tiger Statue. With Kitty's super catlike powers and her feline friends by her side, can Kitty return the magical statue to the musuem before sunrise?

As equally wonderful and warm as Moonlight Rescue, in Tiger Treasure, Kitty's character really blossoms as we see her voice the importance of kindness and compassion. This, along with Løvlie's enchanting illustrations makes for another delightful tale that will entertain both young and newly independent readers.

The wonderful Kitty and her charming cat crew are back for their third enchanting adventure by the light of the moon! In Kitty and the Sky Garden Adventure, Kitty and her feline friends Pumpkin and Pixie discover a beautiful secret garden on a city rooftop, but as news of the garden spreads, not all that visit it choose to respect and care for the space. It's up to Kitty to save the garden and its beauty from those who seem intent on destroying it.

In this adventure, Harrison brings a subtle yet engaging focus to the beauty and magic of nature, particularly in protecting and nurturing this in the heart of a concrete city. With nods to recycling and revamping, young and newly independent readers will equally love and learn from this delightful tale.

Once again Jenny Løvlie's vibrant and vivid illustrations brought a new life to the story. Definitely my favourite cover of the three books!


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