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There's a Tiger in the Garden

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Everyone knows that tigers live in jungles and not gardens right? But when Nora is encouraged by her Grandma to escape the boring confines of the house and explore the garden, Nora is about to discover a whole new world. A world where butterflies have wings as big as your arms, hungry plants try and eat your toy giraffe and a grumpy polar bear who likes fishing, and just maybe, there’s a charming tiger lurking in the garden too.. There’s a Tiger in the Garden is a magical, colourful picture book that explores the power of imagination and the ability to discover untapped worlds when we open our minds. The watercolour style illustrations are simply beautiful. The further Nora ventures into the garden the more detailed and jungle-esque the illustrations become, blending a sense of magical realism with the richly coloured sense of adventure inherent in nature. Plus young readers will love trying to spot the hidden tiger in the earlier pages of the book - a flick of a tail behind a bush, a twitch of an ear beside the pond is not to be missed. Prepare for your imagination to run wild.. 🐯

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There’s a Tiger in the Garden • Lizzy Stewart • Frances Lincoln Children's Books • Quarto Kids

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