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Through the Water Curtain

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I have travelled to the furthest corners of the world through this delightful and diverse collection of fairy and folk tales collected in Through the Water Curtain. From Cornelia Funke’s native Germany, to snowy Siberia, from Japan to Vietnam, in this gorgeous hardback edition, you’ll encounter riveting tales, exotic settings, mysterious cultures and unexpected delights.

Funke has created a collection of lesser-known tales that are far from the traditional ‘happily ever after’ yet refreshingly different and unique. I’ve discovered stories that I’ve never encountered before and enjoyed Funke’s fascinating commentaries behind why she included each story. Whilst I would’ve loved some more illustrations, Funke has such a magical way with words and the stories are so enchanting that they come alive on their own.

Whether you’re a lover of fairytales or want to travel the world from the comfort of your home then I cannot recommend this beautiful gem of a book enough. Cornelia Funke is a magician and I cannot wait to see what see does next.




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