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Tim Allman's Top 5 Books to Change the World

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

All books can potentially change the world, I think.  The power of a good book is that it can take you into the head of someone else, and let you imagine different ways of seeing the world. Changing things starts with the imagination, and here are a few books that may start sparks of change in the mind of the reader…..

Old Enough to Save the Planet by Loll Kirby and Anna Taylor, illustrated by Adelina Lirius 

A beautifully illustrated book with inspiring examples of children from across the world who have taken action on climate change, and showing that anyone has the potential to make a difference.

Sky Dancer by Gill Lewis I read this again recently, and liked the way the gripping story explores the complexities of a controversial issue – management of moors for grouse shooting. The young characters are engaging, and show the risks and rewards of standing up for your beliefs.

A Free Man on Sunday by Fay Sampson

Another book set in the moorland landscape; I must be missing my trips to the hills! It tells the story of the struggle for the right to walk in open countryside that led to the formation of our National Parks – all from the perspective of 11-year old Edie.

Hope Jones Saves the World by Josh Lacey, Illustrated by Beatriz Castro

This is hot off the press, and tells the story of an ordinary girl and her friend who decide to tackle plastic pollution of the oceans. It’s the first in a forthcoming series, and I’m looking forward to see future books.

Generation Hope: You(th) Can Make a Difference! by Kimberlie Hamilton, illustrated by Risa Rodil

This is packed with profiles of young activists from around the world, loads of practical things to do, and lots of pointers to places to find out more information.  The design and illustrations are great too!

What are your top books to change the world? Leave your favourite recommendations in the comments! And read my review of Tim's brilliantly new book, Max Takes a Stand here.


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