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Understanding Grief: A Booklist for Kids

Updated: May 20, 2020

Mum's Jumper by Jayde Perkin

A beautiful, brave picture book that sensitively looks at loss and grief through the story of a young girl losing her mother. Perkin's writes with a simple, yet delicate honesty, balanced with charming illustrations that offer a heartfelt visual depiction of the girls growth through grief. Just unforgettable.

The Pear Tree by Luli Gray

Illustrated by Madelyn Goodnight

A beautiful retelling of a classic European folktale that tells of a touching tale about death, mortality and kindness. Despite the heavy topics, Gray's writing is witty yet sensitive, and Goodnight's illustrations are stunningly vibrant, which together give a fresh and upbeat life to an old tale.

The Bird Within Me by Sara Lundberg

Translated by B.J. Epstein

Profoundly heartbreaking yet beautifully inspiring, The Bird Within Me is a tale of loss, love and longing about the childhood of Swedish artist Berta Hansson, and of her courage and determination to follow her own path and her own heart.

The True Colours of Coral Glen by Juliette Forrest

Coral sees the world around her through a rainbow of colours not visible to others - a day full of adventure is Treasure Island Gold but one with a maths test is Stormy Canyon Grey. When her beloved grandma dies, Coral can't find the colour to match how heartbroken she is. She makes a bargain with a ghostly boy - she'll stop an evil spirit from breaking the spell imprisoning him in a graveyard and he'll find a way for her to say goodbye properly to Grandma.


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