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Watch our, Pirates! Better not stay... Molly Rogers is on her way!

Cornelia Funke is back with another swashbuckling adventure in the form of Molly Rogers! First introduced in Molly Rogers Pirate Girl, the fearless and feisty Molly, and her mum, Barbarous Bertha, are on a new high seas mission to save Red Swallow Island and all its animals and treasure from the ferocious Captain Firebeard. But thieves, greedy pirates and mischief-makers are no match for the famous Molly Rogers and children will laugh-out-loud as she calls out for a friend or two to stop Firebeard in his tracks!

Bursting with bright illustrations and brilliant characters, this book is perfect for those little readers with the growing confidence to tackle some short but challenging chapters. Encouragingly spread out with a chunky, friendly format, Molly Rogers to the Rescue will be enjoyed by both girls and boys embarking on a lifelong journey through the wonders of books and stories.

Out 15th July, Molly Rogers to the Rescue is available to pre-order from Amazon here.



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