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Wish by Chris Saunders

This new picture book by Chris Saunders gave me all the feels and warmth I needed on this chilly Wednesday night.

Once every year wishes take flight, filled with hope and twinkling light. They dance in the air, with a swirl and a swish, you have to be lucky to be chosen by a wish.

Wish tells the wonderfully charming tale of a little rabbit who one day is lucky enough to be chosen by three wishes! Wishes are magical things, and unsure what to wish for Rabbit sets of to seek the advice of his friends, Mouse, Fox and Bear, to see what they would wish for.

A wish to fly, a wish to write and a wish to explore encourages Rabbit to share his gift and grant the wishes of his friends, and with that comes a touching tale about kindness, generosity and the magic of friendship.

Saunders illustrations are equally as enchantingly atmospheric as his way with words despite the slightly stilted rhyming scheme, but that doesn't make this book any less heartwarming and wise.

It looks like Wish is the first picture book by Saunders so I'm anticipating many more to come.

Wish is out March 14th, 2019 and you can pre-order from Amazon here.

A big thank you to Quarto's word & pictures and NetGalley for giving me an early glimpse into this beautifully whimsical tale.

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