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By Joseph Coelho

Illustrated by Freya Hartas

Cinderella has had a deliciously dark and gloriously gruesome makeover in Joseph Coelho's riveting retelling, Zombierella.

Gone are Cinder's sparkly glass slippers and her long golden locks. Now she's rocking a gorgeous gown of dead autumnal leaves, and she's teamed up with The Shadow of Death and her beloved perished pets to seek revenge on her three cruel, FAKE stepsisters, once and for all.

Narrated in a punchy free verse prose with bewitching rhymes that roll perfectly off the tongue and deathly imagery that will leave you in stitches, Zombierella captures all the magic and mayhem to make this an unforgettable happily ever after.

With plenty of gory guts and hacked off feet, pulled out brains and broken bones, Coelho's twisted gothic fairytale is positively dripping with wickedness, wit and, surprisingly enough, warmth. For under the goosebumps and beneath the grave is a joyous story of love, kindness and forgiveness.

As Coelho is a wizard with his words, Freya Hartas is a master of her pen, and their collaboration has breathed a new, refreshing life into an old family favourite. Readers of 8+ will devour and delight over this hauntingly hilarious first story of a series of fairytales gone well and truly bad.

Perfect for fans of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes!



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